What to Think About When Choosing a Tax Preparer?

What to Think About When Choosing a Tax Preparer?


When season for tax filing is right round the corner, it is time to get systematized with the forms and paper work. In case your tax return is complicated or you are nervous about filling the tax returns properly, you should think about using the amenities of a qualified tax preparer. Filling-up several forms, filing taxes, paper work, and paying it is a troublesome and heart sinking task, not only because it is difficult to pay tax without proper help from tax professionals but also because you see your money going by. Any average person can obviously go crazy.

Not every individual wants the help of a tax professional. Many people each year successfully file their own taxes. But if you have a complicated financial situation, or queries and questions, or an aversion to preparing your taxes, you may be bearing in mind to hire one.

Tax Preparer

According to Susan Rachele, who is a reputed tax preparer, there are several kinds of tax professionals, all with diverse levels of licensing and training.  A tax specialist who is licensed by the federal government is an enrolled agent. Most enrolled agents have either passed a rigorous qualifying exam or worked for the IRS. Because the enrolled agent can represent you before the IRS people who have issues with other tax problems or back taxes, typically hire enrolled agents.

For filling your tax returns, a tax preparer will charge you but on the return, you are the one who will be responsible for the information. So, with care choose a tax preparer. It is in your own interest to choose a reputed and qualified professional. When choosing a tax preparer think about:

  • After the return is filed, whether the tax preparer is contactable. Always ask for references as well as contact details. To check the references thoroughly, be sure to make the effort. Before you appoint him or her, surf the google and internet and make a list of questions you must ask the tax preparer.
  • As Susan Rachele claims, one should always undertake a check the background of the tax preparer. Check with the state board of accountancy for CPAs, organizations like the Better Business Bureau, or the state bar association for attorney.
  • You need a person who has the laws of tax at the tips of the fingers. Make a list of possible tax preparers and determine whether they are experts in taxation or just CPAs. In accordance with your federal tax rules and state laws, you need to be sure the tax prepare will fill your tax returns.
  • Choose a tax preparer that has the right identifications. Seek out whether the tax preparer is a specialized public accountant, registered agent or tax attorney. Remember only CPAs, attorneys and enrolled agents are competent to represent you the tax return filer before the IRS should there be any problem like collection action, tax audit or appeal.

Be prudent and learn to avoid frauds and scams. Never trust any tax preparer who makes giant claims about getting you more tax repayments than you are owe. With your financial records you must be able to trust the tax preparer so choose cautiously.


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