Weight Loss – Just A Pill Away

Weight Loss – Just A Pill Away


By common consensus and experience, the weight loss journey of most individuals is one that can bemost frustrating and horrific.  Fad diets, endless exercise,reduced calorie intake, maybe even liposuction – efforts and measures that can be drastic and nerve wracking, but invariably experimented. Amidst these choices, the possibility of weight loss through a prescription pill that encourages and mandates healthy food habits and an active life style is indeed a magic bullet!

Weight Loss - Just A Pill Away

Phen Ultra brings about a holistic lifestyle change

Phen Ultra, the brand name of the anti-obesity drug Phentermine, is marketed not as a diet pill but as a weight loss supplement. It is an appetite suppressant and metabolism stimulant which helps the user to stabilize his energy and make him feel fitter and more active within a few hours of its ingestion. On a recommended dosage of just one pill once every two days, its optimum effects are best seen when taken before meals and when combined with a balanced and nutritious diet and consistent exercise regimen.  PhenUltra is a supplement that is easily available over-the-counter and online.

Phen Ultra is safe

High quality ingredients that are largely plant based are combined in this dietary supplement. Caffeine powder, as one of its constituents works to suppress hunger pangs while the presence of cayenne pepper in the formulation encourages the body to burn more calories.The body metabolism and fat mobilization functions are activated by its citrus content, along with its other constituents. Phen Ultra is therefore an effective weight loss supplement that activates and improves the bodily mechanisms, such that food craving is reduced and more fat is burned out simultaneously. Get the Phen Ultra results here.

Phen Ultra does not have serious side effects

Contra-indications and side effects are also not very severe or fatal and may range from restlessness to insomnia and dry mouth.  To avoid difficulty to go to sleep, it is recommended that the pill be taken earlier in the day, preferably in the mornings. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to avoid its use. As an appetite suppressant, it is advisable not to combine this pill with other stimulants.

Though Phen Ultra has been approved by the FDA only recently, it has grown in popularity and has gained a wide clientele as an affordable and guaranteed answer to problems of weight or obesity. The reason is that it is perceived as a safer solution for slimming, being devoid of disturbing or fatal after effects or serious consequences.  Subsequent weight gain noticed after the product is stopped can also be addressed with another course of the pill. By stealthily curbing the appetite and thereby reducing the calorie intake, the dietary supplement encourages the user to avoid lethargy, remain active and adopt a healthier lifestyle.  With no prescription requirements and increased metabolism results that are evident quickly, Phen Ultra has become the go-to safe and effective pill for many seeking solutions to a slimmer body. As a weight loss solution, it is definitely a more attractivealternative to surgery.


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