The Possible Causes of Schizophrenia

The Possible Causes of Schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is quite a popular mental disorder these days, from children to adults, everyone is in the danger of being affected by it. And once affected it is a disorder hard to get to rid of. A lot of effort by the patient, parent and the doctor is required to get back the normal life of the patient. It is basically some kind of a chemical imbalance of the brain, however, scientists are still working on trying to find out the exact causes of Schizophrenia, so that they can also figure out better techniques and medications to help patients out of this dreaded situation.

Studies in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics are being carried out to locate the causes of this mental disorder. One such research has proved that whenever anyone suffers from Schizophrenia, there is a neurochemical imbalance present behind it, that activates it. The neurotransmitters are being constantly monitored while trying out the antipsychotic drugs on the neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinefrine and serotonin.

Possible Causes of Schizophrenia

The specialists of psychitry are the ones who will be able to diagnose and treat this disorder perfectly. Hence, whether it is for adults or children, the normal practice is to first visit your general physician and then get referred by him to some able psychiatrist. Jonathan Lauter MD presently working at hospital in New York, is an absolutely gem in the field of psychiatry. His patients even say that if it is psychiatry it has to be Dr. Lauter. His decades of experience have helped him gather expertise in this branch of medical science. He has successfully treated not only patients of Schizophrenia but other mental disabilities like Bipolar disorder, ADD or ADHD, Depressive Disorder, Sleep Disorder, Insomnia and many others.

Studies that these extremely able psychiatrist follow, have revealed that there is some kind of co-ordination distortion happening in the brain of a Schizophrenic patient. In any normal person, when one part of the brain is active, the other parts are comparatively dormant. The abnormality in a schizophrenic patient shows the equal active behavior of different parts of the brain simultaneously. In fact, during a hallucination there were some noted areas of unusual activity.

Microbiology studies and researches reveal a more surprising thing, it says that there is some irregular pattern in the brain cells which could be the possible cause of Schizophrenia. This could be a problem in the prenatal stage or might erupt somewhere down the years of life. But what has become quite clear, through the genetic studies, is that this is not a hereditary disease.

Some are of the wrong notion that stress is a cause of Schizophrenia, instead, it is something that makes the symptoms even more painful. A psychiatrist is the person who will be able to clear out all your wrong ideas about the probable causes of Schizophrenia. Jonathan Lauter MD too can help in a great way by enlightening you with his researches and treatments that he uses for the cure of his patients, who are extremely dear to him.


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