Meet Jonathan Bunge- More Than Just A Passionate Lover Of Football

Meet Jonathan Bunge- More Than Just A Passionate Lover Of Football


There are several passionate lovers of football across the globe. They are so much in love with the sport that they spread positive messages about it to all and sundry. These messages are very motivating and inspiring. They relate to real life and have the ability to transform attitudes and views.

Jonathan Bunge from Cleveland in Ohio is one such person! He is a football fan ever since childhood but his passion does not stop at just watching the sport and checking out the latest news about his favorite team Cleveland Browns. He does more- he shares his thoughts and ideas about the sport. These ideas and thoughts are very insightful and they should be read by everyone.

In his blog, Jonathan writes about the boons of football and how it actually relates to real life. The sport teaches you the power of unity in diversity. Jonathan shares his perspectives on the game and encourages parents to introduce it to young children. Kids like adults love football. They have fun as they are with other children of their age however besides the excitement they learn valuable life skills that cannot be taught at home.

Passionate Lover Of Football

Football is a team game. The wins and losses never belong to any individual. In life, you cannot succeed on your own-there are others who help you. Together you win and excel. Jonathan says that football is not just a sport –it is a motivational game that teaches you the power of discipline and togetherness. It is a tough enduring sport. There are uncertain events and tables can turn anytime. In life too, things go smooth but circumstances and events can turn around and change. You cannot run away from challenges on the football field. With the team you need to face them and ensure you give your best potential to win. There are losses too but at the end of the day it is these failures that lead to success. Jonathan relates the sport of football to the above and many more messages. In this way, he positively shares his thoughts and ideas with everyone who loves to read his blog.

Jonathan is not a footballer or a blogger. He is a busy truck and vehicle owner transporting goods sometimes sensitive and hazardous to specific destinations safely. He always is on the move but when he comes home, he never misses the chance to share his ideas and thoughts on football and his other areas of interest- tattoos and his experiences on the road.

Jonathan Bunge has a profound knowledge of football and he also encourages children to play the sport. Many parents are susceptible to the fact that their children may get injured as it is a tough enduring sport however he maintains that his parents too had the same fears. He however was allowed to play football as his passion was so intense that his parents gave in especially his mother. Football has taught him a lot and it is this amazing game that he wishes to share with everyone around!


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