Let Goldco Precious Metals show you how to Convert Your 401k to...

Let Goldco Precious Metals show you how to Convert Your 401k to Gold


You’ve probably seen websites, or recommendations, or Facebook pages that talk about a rollover of your current 401K or IRA retirement savings accounts to something with physical assets like gold or silver. It’s been a hotly debated topic over the last decade or so, and something that a lot of people feel strongly about. If you’ve seen mention of the topic, but haven’t dug into it, now might be the time to do so. Financial experts worldwide are predicting another U.S. Economic recession in the next year or two, and that always spells hardship for long-term accounts like 401Ks. People have seen half the value of those savings for retirement go up in smoke with an economic downturn.

The reason that there is debate about a convert 401k to gold process is centered mainly around whether or not you’ve added security to your investment savings. Looking at all the evidence, the simple answer is yes – you will definitely add security to your investment savings. You can’t help but do so since gold is the number one standard against which wealth is measured both today and across history. It is where the phrase “gold standard” came from – that which is at the top of the pinnacle is worth gold.

Goldco Precious Metals

So when you convert your 401K to gold, you are taking your savings out of the volatile stock market and out of the other paper-backed financial instruments like treasury bonds and annuities and moving over to an asset that retains its value even in the face of economic hardship. In fact, historically, when economies have trouble gold increases in value. It becomes one of the only things that is truly stable across all commodities and stock offerings.

If you’ve not gone in the direction of the process to convert 401k to gold, it might be because it’s a little scary. There’s paperwork and filings and things like that to deal with. And that is where Goldco Precious Metals steps in. When you work with Goldco on the rollover or conversion process, it gets really simple because they do the work for you. All you have to do is open the account with them, let them fund the account with your current 401K investment funds, and then you get to choose which physical assets you’d prefer to own in your gold 401K. There’s gold coins or gold bullion, silver coins or bullion, platinum and even palladium for you to choose from.

With such an easy process, there really is no reason to work with Goldco and get some extra stability and security for your retirement savings. There are no additional fees or fines to get this done, either. You can make the move with no out of pocket expense. And Goldco’s reputation in the financial world is top-notch with a triple A rating from the Better Business Bureau along with certifications and five-star ratings from other consumer watchdog sites. You can’t do better than Goldco when you want to own gold in your 401K – give them a call and get your own rollover expert to work with today.

If you want to convert 401k to gold, contact Goldco Precious Metaals. They can show you how to convert your 401k to gold fast.


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