How To Buy Miles The Easy Way

How To Buy Miles The Easy Way


Buying Frequent flier miles for traveling doesn’t make sense to some. Purchasing miles in bulk for buying an airline ticket often results in paying more amount of money than the actual price of the ticket. Occasionally, purchasing miles can save a lot of money on traveling.

If a frequent flyer is just a few miles away from getting an instant upgrade for free or if purchasing miles can compensate the difference for an air ticket it can be cheaper than paying the full price. Additional miles can be purchased through different airlines or through different websites.

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Buy Miles Through Airlines

Here are four easy steps for you to follow in order to buy miles through the airlines.

Step 1

The first step is to visit the website of the particular airlines of which you need to buy the frequent flier miles. Several major airlines offer their frequent flier programs like Delta, Virgin, Cathay Pacific, British Airways and American they all have online systems of purchasing miles from a website.

Step 2

When you visit an airline website find the “buy miles” option on their page. Many airlines have the option of buying miles present on their website with the name of the frequent flier miles program name like “SkyMiles” for Delta Airlines or the American Airlines have it as “AAdantage” from there you can choose to buy or transfer the miles.

Step 3

When you visit the particular airline’s website of which you are a frequent flier member enter your details. Next, you can select the number of miles which you would like to purchase through the online system and click the button “buy miles”.

Step 4

You can then type your credit card number, including the other details which are required like the expiration date. Then submit the order once your payment is cleared, your miles instantly added in your member’s account for the particular program.

Buy Miles Through Mileage Brokers

Here are your three easy steps to follow to buy miles with the Mileage Club or any other mileage broker.

Step 1

When you visit the website of the mileage broker company you can buy frequent flier miles from them for the program of your choice. These mileage broker companies buy frequent flyer program from the respective airlines and then sell them to their clients.

Step 2

After this you need to enter your contact details in the contact information box so that the broker can reach you for granting your request for the miles.

Step 3

Input the details of the miles program of the particular airline for which you want to buy the miles. Choose the cabin of your choice first class, business class or economy, next comes your flight destination for example USA to UAE, your dates of traveling and the amount you are willing to pay per mile.

So there you have two reliable, safe and quick ways of buying miles. Buying miles from mileage brokers is as safe as buying from the airlines directly.


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