How the Unique Store Within A Store Concept Became Famous Worldwide!

How the Unique Store Within A Store Concept Became Famous Worldwide!


The affair of William Lauder with the beauty and cosmetic industry of the USA has been successful not only for The Estee Lauder Company but for many companies worldwide. He was a key person in the success of The Estee Lauder Company and is considered to be one of the best mentors that company has ever had till date. He was the Chief Executive Officer and headed human resources, retail operations, research and development and manufacturing units of the Company.

Mrs Estee Lauder started the Company in 1946 and only had four products that sold well. With these products, she managed to build her first departmental store in New York. Estee Lauder and her husband Joseph Lauder were instrumental in manufacturing products that invoked trust and quality in the USA. William Lauder is her grandson and he joined the Company in 1986. He was a senior officer but later he was promoted to managerial positions after he shown remarkable business strategy and marketing skills.

Unique Store

He was also responsible for looking after the global operations of the Company. It was William Lauder who introduced the store within a store concept when he was looking after Origins- a brand he created in 1990. This became a very popular concept not only for the Estee Lauder Company but for many other cosmetic and beauty manufacturers in the world. The sales of prestige beauty products and brands like Mac, Bobbi Brown, Aramis and more increased. This further expanded the reach of the Company.

The affair of William Lauder with the success of the Company went further when he decided to manage the website of Clinique as a major brand enhancement vehicle. He kept the customers of the Company engaged with many diverse online activities.  This helped him to establish customer loyalty and long term relationships. He also played a key role in enhancing the market share of the Company in the hair care category. He also directed the online activities of the Company on a global basis. This enhanced the international presence of the Estee Lauder Company to a very large extent.

William Lauder was also in charge of nine of the specialty brands of the Company. These brands were huge international successes and included Aveda, Bobbi Brown and Prescriptives. As a leader, William Lauder is highly respected and loved in the Company. He is a successful team builder and like his grandmother Estee Lauder, he is passionately devoted to the Company. William Lauder is a major inspiration to his peers and other beauty and cosmetic Companies in the world today!


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