Effect Of Testosterone Propionate In Our Body

Effect Of Testosterone Propionate In Our Body


Professional bodybuilders often stick to Testosterone propionate cycle to make a significant change in for their bulking and cutting regimen. Testosterone is one such great drug which can be readily used for bulking, cutting and also as a performance booster. But, before you are interested in using this for bodybuilding, weightlifting and athletic performance improvement, you must have a clear idea about the cycle and the working of it. Everyone reacts differently to this medication and hence it is necessary to consult a doctor and get a proper cycle as per your body and expectations. In spite of being a prescription only drug, many people try to get it illegally by numerous fake and illegal sources. Here, you will get a complete idea of how to use Testosterone-17-propionate for strength gains.

Review on Testosterone propionate

Testosterone Propionate In Our Body

Testosterone propionate has been typically used as a tool to treat hypogonadism in men. However, it is not prescribed medically for weightlifting activities and also for men or women who want quick result in bodybuilding or athletic performance. Many people use it for improving their performance and to be placed at the top of their competitors.  Many esters are attached to Testosterone to control the releases of this hormone in to the bloodstream. But, testosterone propionate is considered to be an older from this drug and was invented to mimic the androgens present either from male testes or in small amount from women ovaries.  The recent development in ester of Testosterone is Cypionate and enanthate which is nothing but steroid injection to extend the half life and increase and lengthen the effectiveness of this steroid. But, using Testosterone- 17- propionate for strength gains is still popular because of its efficiency and impressive results.  Steroid users try to stack up this Testosterone ester with other anabolic steroids to get additional benefits and reduce the risky side effects. To get the most out of it, Steroid users use this for specific period of time and then discontinue it to regain the sensitivity. The recommended dosage cycle for beginners will vary drastically from an advance or intermediate steroid users even if they are looking for almost same results. Following dosage cycle prescribed on bodybuilding and steroid websites is not a wise decision as there are many factors to look upon before ticking to any cycle. 

Steroids should be cycled properly and should not be taken continuously, but intermittently. This means that you should continue it until half cycle and then stop using it until the cycle ends. For treatment of hypogonadism, the average dosage of Testosterone propionate is about 50 mg per two to three weeks. For other medical reasons, the dosage may increase by 10 mg to 100 mg to get enhanced benefits. But, it can be dangerous due to the risk of many side effects. Some common symptoms which people shows are nausea, painful erections, gynecomastia, excessive hair, irritation, anxiety, male baldness, body pain, rashes and other skin problems. All these points will help to get the best body that you have longed for.


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