Create an Engaging Waiting Area for Clients

Create an Engaging Waiting Area for Clients


Many businesses require a waiting area for clients’ convenience.  As we all know, waiting for an appointment or meeting can be grueling.  By ensuring your clients comfort with an engaging waiting area or lobby, you can be sure to elevate your business and maintain positive relationships with your client.


Regardless of your office’s profession, ensure a comfortable waiting area for your clients.  Nothing is worse than sitting in a hard-backed, plastic chair while waiting to be called.

Invest in individual arm chairs so that clients can wait comfortably without feeling like they are sitting on their neighbor’s lap.  Personal space is crucial in creating a comfortable environment.

Create an Engaging Waiting Area for Clients

Personal space can also include a single bathroom that is located near the lobby area so that your client doesn’t have to navigate the entire office to find one.  Ensure the bathroom is kept clean at all times.

Remove fluorescent lighting, and replace your light fixtures with something softer.  As well as proper lighting, ensure to have at least one mirror so that clients can check out their appearance for any last minute touch ups.


Treat your clients like guests in your home, and have a few things for them to do while they wait for your time.

An entertainment system is a must.  Along with your TV and speakers, make sure to have access to good channels, as some clients may be interested in more than just news or the weather.  Check out wow cable tv for options.  Don’t forget to keep the remote control in view of your clients so that they are able to change back and forth between channels.

Instead of having grubby magazines that can often look unsightly and disorganized, invest in a tablet that customers can access the Internet on.  Depending on the size of your waiting area/office, you may want to set up a couple of different tablets for clients to peruse at their will.


While you are very busy, your clients are too.  To eliminate the hassle and frustration of having to wait, make sure that you offer a convenient environment to your clients.

A bar fridge filled with water and other beverages is a nice gesture, as is a single-cup coffee or tea maker.  Giving your clients access to beverages, and even light snacks in some cases, can help ease the wait and keep your clients happy.  If your lobby is overseen by a receptionist on a daily basis, consider having a basket of fruit set out.

Multiple outlets and even some extra phone chargers can be a big help to clients who may have forgotten theirs.  A great idea is to create a “charging dock station” in plain view so no one has to scale the walls searching for a plug.

Most importantly—have a clock that is set with the correct time.  This helps everyone stay on track.

It’s obvious that your clients won’t be moving into your office any time soon, but improve your business by making their short stays as enjoyable as possible.


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