Bio-identical Hormones: Pros and Cons

Bio-identical Hormones: Pros and Cons


Hormones are secreted by endocrine gland in the body. There are other glands as well that release different kinds of hormones. There are many hormones, some of which start reducing with the passage of time and age. As a result of this, the body function gets hampered. However, this do not means it is impossible to get the hormone again. There are hormone replacement therapies and these can aid in replenishing the lost hormones. These Bio-identical hormone replacements concept help in restoration of hormones so that body functions are not hampered.

It is important to know and understand the detailed idea about what bio-identical hormones are? And then you need to know what are its functions and benefits. Describing it in most easy way, these are manufactured in laboratory but commonly created utilizing compounds found in nature’s plants. Testosterone replacement therapy generally involves use of bio-identical hormones, which can be most commonly used in the treatment of estrogen deficiencies in women going through menopause.  Adding to menopause in women, hormone therapy is still considered effective in the treatment of symptoms of so called male menopause that is caused by dropping testosterone levels.

Bio-identical Hormones

They are sometimes referred as natural hormone therapy since the products are natural in nature. It is believed that the hormones in a lab produce the same effects as the hormones produced by the body. The positive effects and so close that the body is unable to identify the difference between a natural produced hormone by the body and bio-identical oneBio-identical hormone replacements can be used in many different ways. They are available in variety of forms including pellets, injections, pills and creams.

Pros and Cons


  1. This therapy may cause higher bone density which may enhance better calcium absorption in bones. Thus, it makes bones healthy and strong.
  2. It will activate the proper metabolic system enhancing the process of fat loss
  3. It can also produce higher libido with balance in hormone levels
  4. Muscle mass be also be found to show significant increase as gym workout offers better results with high levels of hormones in body


The users must also be aware, that just because it is considered natural or made by using natural ingredients; it does not mean it is necessarily safer than the hormone naturally produced by body.  Any product designed to alter the hormone concentration in the body may cause influence on not only specific hormone or its level, but also on other hormones, glands and body functions.


Many few studies have compared natural and bio-identical testosterone, so it is difficult to state the probability of side effect. These bio-identical testosterone is metabolized in the body the same as that which is produced naturally.Therefore you need to take doctor’s and expert’s advice before implementing it by your own. To the right dose, it can help in providing energy and keep the body active by fighting fatigue and lethargy. You can also enjoy better sleeping patterns with hormone therapy as it corrects the problem of disturbed sleep.


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